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Discovering Montalbano

Protected Natural Area of Pietramarina

360´ panorama

On all the arrival roads there are panoramic areas of the Tuscan hills, a wonder for the eyes, don't miss the wonder of a totally relaxing holiday. San Giusto Camping located on the Montalbano hills in the center of Tuscany offers you a breathtaking landscape for free. Remember your holiday is important to us.

panorama del Montalbano intorno al campeggio
mappa da trekking della zona

Trail Map 

Cai routes throughout the area but also other routes for bikes and motorbikes, to cover the entire route from Verghereto to Pietramarina it is advisable to use a whole day. Duration of the itinerary is 9 km with a time of 4 hours. There is the possibility of having a picnic in the equipped areas of Pietramarina or eating at the refreshment points present.

Enjoy nature together with friends and family, for further information ask at reception.

Chiesa Abbazia di San Giusto

Abbey of San Giusto

To the left of the campsite on the trekking path you can get to the abbey church which shows an interesting Romanesque structure, with influences from Cluniac or French monastic architecture. From there you can follow the road towards Pietramarina, the Etruscan area with an extremely panoramic position, at 360 at the same time you can see more of the Etruscans of upper Tuscany (Fiesole, Artiminio, Volterra, San Gimignano) If you want to know more......

The Devil's Boulder

It is a rock located in Pietramarina on which steps and basins have been dug, perhaps an ancient place of worship. On one of the steps there is a goat footprint which was believed to have been left by the Devil himself.

il masso del diavolo che si trova a Pietramarina
Mr Reining Horses

Mr. Reining Horses stables

Would you like to go on a trip or excursion in the woods or simply take the children for a walk? To the right of the campsite, entering a road on the left you can reach the riding school but also Lake Montalbano. You too can take advantage of a different day away from the hustle and bustle of the city, not only that but along the path you will also find a beautiful landscape among the vineyards. If you want to ride in the woods or take horse riding lessons, contact the riding school.

Lake Montalbano

Place surrounded by nature, well maintained, tranquility and peace reign. Very large fishing lake. Point of passage for walks, bike rides, horseback riding.

il lago Montalbano ; Lago di Verghereto
museo archeologico di Artiminio e parco archeologico di Carmignano

Archaeological Museum of Artiminio and Archaeological Park of Carmignano

The archaeological park of Carmignano was born from the need to enhance an rich area in splendid Etruscan remains and they are some of the most representative archaeological areas: the necropolis of Prato Rosello, the Tomba dei Boschetti and the Tumulus of Montefortini, which, together with the Etruscan settlements of Artimino and Pietramarina; they have returned unique finds, among which stand out a turquoise glass cup, ivory plaques and statuettes, refined bucchero objects, funerary sculptures preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Artimino.

Montalbano beautiful panoramic area of wine and oil area

Wine and oil tasting in the farms located on the Montalbano hills:

From camping to wine and oil adventures, on the Montalbano hills there are several farms that produce local wine and oil. The true and pure Made in Italy is found here, and not only wines that you will find in the Camping Restaurant but also  you can book wine and oil tasting at the Farms.

un bicchiere di vino di zona
fattoria ambra di carmignano
fattoria dianella 1

Luggiano Vinci Agricultural Factory

Lupi Barano Agricultural Factory

Dianella Farm 1

Ambra Factory


in our Montalbano

fattoria dianella 1 del vino e del olio
fattoria ambra del vino e del olio
vino di zona
raccolta uva per il vino fattoria luggiano vinci
fattoria ambra del vino e del olio
raccolta olive fattoria luggiano vinci

by  Castra 71 - 50050

Capraia e Limite - Firenze

Campsite Rules


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2024 Opening

The Campsite is open from March 29 to October 31

from 09:00 to 13:00  and from 15:00 to 21:00
( you need some more informations there is the possibility to call even when we are close )



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